Salud Sin Fronteras is a nonprofit, student run free clinic that provides healthcare and social services to the underserved and uninsured in the Segundo Barrio neighborhood of El Paso. Founded and currently run by medical students from Paul L. Foster School of Medicine (under the supervision of Charmaine Martin, MD.), the clinic provides primary and preventative care.




To better the health and wellness of the disadvantaged communities in and around El Paso, including the migrant farmworkers, by providing culturally and socioeconomically competent care in a welcoming setting.




A community that is enabled to live in health by maintaining strong and regular relationships with healthcare providers.


Currently, our primary goal is improving the health status of our patients. We want to empower the farmworkers and the community to live healthy lives as valued members of inclusive communities.



Farm work is consistently ranked among one of the most dangerous occupations in the United States. Farmworkers experience occupational health risks such as pesticide exposure, heat-related illness, musculoskeletal injuries, and skin and eye conditions. Geographic and social isolation, traumatic migration experiences, discrimination, and culture shock also put farmworkers at a higher risk for mental health issues.


Farmworkers face barriers to care including: limited availability of healthcare services in rural areas, cost, transportation, clinic hours, and language barriers. Few farmworkers are eligible for public assistance programs and many lack health insurance."

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